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Format : CD
Edition : 180 copies
Release date : 12 September 2019
Cat# : LH118

Status: SOLD OUT

Track list:

1 - The New Blockaders & Vortex Campaign: Kamtar & Rio (15:29)
2 - The New Blockaders & Vortex Campaign: Mandrake Manfits (15:39) [mp3]
3 - Vortex Campaign: Godhead (14:22)
4 - The New Blockaders: TNB (13:11)

'Extreme, nihilistic Musique Concrete which creates unrelenting walls of sound... Images of chaos, collapse and extreme violence dominate.' Aeon

'This will rip your face off and wear it as a mask!' CMS Foundation

The New Vortex Blockaders Campaign was released on tape in 1984 and
was bootlegged on LP in 1998.
Both editions are now sought after collectors items.

First official re-issue.
Edition of 180 copies in digipack.