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Format : CD
Edition : 180 copies
Release date : 1 August 2019
Cat# : LH119

Status : SOLD OUT

Track list:

1 - Part I
2 - Part II [mp3]

'When I heard the TNB / Organum ‘Pulp’ 7” in the mid-‘80s it was one of the noisiest things I had ever heard and I had heard plenty of Industrial Music and Power Electronica as well as a lot of earlier noisy music. On ‘The Pulp Sessions II’ Part I the noise levels and sounds change throughout the course of both sides, but the level of pandemonium remains constant. There are loads of feedback, radio, scraping, clanking, and other sounds, chopping in and out continuously. Somewhere near the end, I started to fall into an almost relaxing trance. This feeling continued through Part II. I am certainly not recommending this as Ambient Music, but it is a very interesting and great CD.' Swill Radio

'Through David Jackman and his label Aeroplane Records we have a single that has become almost, if not ‘as’ influential as TNB’s debut ‘Changez Les Blockeurs.’ A collaboration between Organum and TNB, the 1984 ‘Pulp’ 7” is a more mystifying slice of what was going on back then. I was once in a room where a copy of ‘Pulp’ was produced and as Tristan Tzara is my witness I swear that people drew breath at the sight of it. ‘The Pulp Sessions II’ includes extended workings from which ‘Pulp’ was realized. The results being not that far removed from ‘Changez Les Blockeurs’ in that we have two sides of constant churning, clanging, squeaking, stamping, shuffling and destroying sounds of an indeterminate nature that could have been recorded with various items of metal junk in a shed in the North East of England during a rain shower some time in the early ‘80s. ‘The Pulp Sessions II’ wont carry the same gravitas as ‘Pulp’ but these two twenty-minute tracks are still a reminder that way back in the early '80s a brave few were making noises that still reverberate today.' Idwal Fisher

Two short excerpts from 'The Pulp Sessions' were included on the TNB / Organum Pulp 7" (Aeroplane Records, 1984)

'The Pulp Sessions II' was originally included as bonus CD with the Test Pressing edition of 'The Pulp Sessions' LP.