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Format : CD-R
Edition : 50 copies
Release date : 07 September 2010
Cat# : LH17

Status : SOLD OUT

Track list:

1 Untitled (41:35)
2 Untitled (27:33)

Special numbered edition of 50 copies in DVD metal case.
Professionally printed CD-R.
Included is a 12 pages booklet containing all the text of the performance.

Wozzeck is a live performance project by actors play with experimental sounds of Tetsuo's improvisation. It was performed 23rd of November 2003 in Berlin at Podewill contemporary art center.
Actors are Max Urlacher as Wozzeck and Sigrid Maria Shnuckel as Marie, both important actors on TV and movies mainly in Germany. They are also developing into other fiels of the arts.
Tetsuo based his work on the text of Alban Berg's opera. It means he did not use the original text of Georg Buchner , he selected only the monolog and dialog parts of Wozzeck with Marie from Berg's opera.
Tetsuo did not care about the sound of Berg's, Tetsuo's sounds are close to noise and industrial with very lyric voice of actors.
This is a live recording, which is the only one documentation of this one night performance. We have no documentation photos nor video on it, since Tetsuo did not want to use any light for this stage.
Only few of the audience - who have good eyesight - could see the super performance on the stage.


From Rockerilla issue 349 November 2010

Tetsuo Furudate - Wozzeck.

Vote 8/10

Racchiuso in un accattivante tin-box in grande formato, questo nuovo CD di Tetsuo Furudate documenta su traccia sonora l'evento tenutosi nel 2003 a Berlino col titolo di "Wozzeck". Si tratta di un riuscito esperimento di sintesi fra musica e teatro che vede la partecipazione di attori blasonati quali Max Urlacher e Sigrid Maria Schnuchel, chiamati ad interpretare i testi del dramma in questione sui suoni e i rumori di "scena" del compositore giapponese. Seppur menomato del suo complemento visivo, "Wozzeck" non stenta a rapire nei suoi intrighi acustici, congegnato come un thriller psicologico che cresce di tensione con l'ascolto, fatto di sospiri sinistri, frequenze dronanti, clangori ossianici, apocalissi percussive...Una tempesta d'impulsi cerebrali fra estasi e tormento.

Aldo Chimenti

Review from

Although I like to show expertise on trivia, I did know 'Wozzeck' is an opera by Austrian composer Alban Berg, but I was unaware that it is (now quoting Wikipedia) "based on the drama Woyzeck left incomplete by the German playwright Georg Büchner at his death. Berg attended the first production in Vienna of Büchner's play on 5 May 1914, and knew at once that he wanted to base an opera on it. From the fragments of unordered scenes left by Büchner, Berg selected fifteen to form a compact structure of three acts with five scenes each. He adapted the libretto himself, retaining "the essential character of the play, with its many short scenes, its abrupt and sometimes brutal language, and its stark, if haunted, realism…" and the plot summary is like this (more long quotes - sorry) "Franz Woyzeck, a lowly soldier stationed in a provincial German town, is living with Marie, and father of a child not blessed by the church as the child was born out of wedlock. Woyzeck earns extra money for his family by performing menial jobs for the Captain and agreeing to take part in medical experiments conducted by the Doctor. As one of these experiments, the Doctor tells Woyzeck he must eat nothing but peas. It is obvious that Woyzeck's mental health is breaking down and he begins to experience a series of apocalyptic visions. Meanwhile, Marie grows tired of Woyzeck and turns her attentions to a handsome drum major who, in an ambiguous scene taking place in Marie's bedroom, arguably rapes her. With his jealous suspicions growing, Woyzeck confronts the drum major, who beats him up and humiliates him. Finally, Woyzeck stabs Marie to death by a pond. While a third act trial is claimed by some to have been part of the original conception, the fragment as left by Büchner ends with Woyzeck disposing of the knife in the pond, and most renditions extrapolate this with him drowning while trying to clean himself of the blood after having dumped the knife in deep waters."
Seeing Franz Wozzeck and Marie both listed as performed by two actors/singers, I assume Tetsuo Furudate made his own opera based on the same text. I can't compare it with the original Berg opera, as dodecaphony was not something that was played a lot in the parental residency (preferring late 19th century classicism). But no doubt Furudate has chosen his own music to go with this social drama and his dark textured sound is no doubt perfect to do so. Heavy, far away percussion, dark humming drone textures on a guitar with a load of sound effects and every now and then the spoken words of the actors. Ultra heavy weight music that is very dramatic, even when you are not able to understand the words.The second piece (although more like an encore it seems) takes Furudate in a slightly different field. Metallic sounds, which we knew from his earlier works, being played minimally. It takes a while before there are any words, and seeing this is a separate piece on the CD I am not entirely sure if this part of the Wozzeck piece, or perhaps indeed an encore. This piece is louder at times, with heavy blocks on sustaining organ, the aforementioned metal debris and curiously enough perhaps not as heavy weighted as the first piece, and also less dramatic, but with still a great impact. Although not entirely my of cup of tea, this is quite nice.