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Format : CD-R
Edition : 109 copies
Release date : 23.11.12
Cat# : LH35

Status : SOLD OUT

Track list:

Untitled (66:55) [mp3] [mp3] [mp3]

New astonishingly beautiful album recorded exclusively for

Tetsuo delivers a skillfully crafted mixture of his landmark unsettling soundscapes and outbursts of violent noise attacks.
Once again Tetsuo through the clever use of silence and tortured electronics is able to create very evocative music.
Psychovisual sounds.

Numbered foldout 7" cover printed on 280 gram paper.
It comes with a numbered postcard. Professionally printed gold cd-r.


Review from

(...) Noise is also the trade mark of Tetsuo Furudate, who is someone I never could figure out. Sometimes I think he's one of the serious composer guys and sometimes I think he's one of noise boys. You never really know, but one thing is sure: his work is dark to utter-dark, with no shade of light in between. This new work, inspired by TS Eliot's poem 'The Hollow Men' is no different. It starts out with a good ten minutes of water dripping, but then a few sudden bangs will surely wake you up and before you know it, you are in a total land of noise, longing for perhaps a moment of more relaxing. That won't happen until after the thirty minute break when things settle down in an unsettling way. It's hard to tell what Furudate uses - maybe just guitar and electronics and a bit of field recordings - but in this quieter part, lasting maybe some twelve minutes, we hear some of the orchestral traces in his work, and which is something I always would like to investigate a bit more. This part, while dark, is quite moving. From minute forty-four until pretty much the end things are quite loud again, but darker, lower in tone, like a thunderous storm passing in the middle of the night. Most definitely not music for weak of hearth. It is good? I don't know. It's certainly something that inspires you to think.