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Format : LP+CD-R
Edition : 11 copies
Release date : 10 November 2016
Cat# : LH78

Status: SOLD OUT

Track list:

A1 Infrasound (24:31) [mp3]
B1 Deadly Radiation (5:38)
B2 Bubversive (9:12)
B3 Contaminate (6:27)
B4 Terminal Procedure (2:29) in collaboration with Moreno Daldosso/MURDER CORPORATION
is proud to present the final edition of the Terminal Procedure LP.

Final edition of 11 copies.

Each copy comes with a different cover image.

All images carefully selected by Moreno Daldosso in 2016.

The copies used for this final edition are a leftover of the original 1997 pressing and rested in a box at the Murder House for nearly 20 years.

These are the last 11 copies of the original pressing.

Also included is a professionally printed CD-R of the album.

Terminal Procedure was released in an edition of 300 copies in 1997.
It was the first ever vinyl release both by Murder Release and Murder Corporation.

Terminal Procedure shows the most experimental side of Murder Corporation but still retains all the brutality and the moribound atmospheres of the best Murder Corporation albums.

A classic record of Experimental / Industrial music.

This is a Murder Release / menstrualrecordings product.