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Format : CD-R
Edition : 250 copies
Release date : 22 March 2011
Cat# : LH18

Track list:

1 Töten [mp3]
2 Collapse
3 Exumer [mp3]
4 Klage [mp3]
5 Painless
6 Murmurous [mp3]

Limited numbered edition of 250 copies in fold out 7" cover.
Originally released on cassette by Murder Release in 1994.
Re-mastered from original master tape.

Euro 6.90 (+ shipping)


Review from

(...)<< Schwarz>> is a total black CD-R it contains 6 tracks of industrial noise- repetitive loops etc, which appears to be different on each channel, the 7 inch sleeve has a picture of a decomposing corpse. This (...) is a re-release, from a 1994 tape. (...) There is nothing special about the sounds (...), the M.C.(...) obviously exploit violence, in particular sexual violence against women and Nazi violence. (...) All works if taken seriously I suppose involve a critique of humanity, or else involve either a macabre interest in it, or even a delight. They are not unusual, and a reviewer might be excused for seeming passČ about such endeavors, failing to take the bait. Which is why I've been listening and looking on and off for weeks until today I'm forcing myself to write something, and something more than just a 'so what?' Yesterday, as you do, on you tube I stumbled across a U.S. Christian docu about the end of the world in December of 2012.. the Aztec thing, the pastor set out to prove its impossibility by reference to the bible, the proof being there wasn't enough time between now and the end of the world in 2012 for the 1290 days of Daniel 12:11 or the 1260 days of Revelation 11:3 of The Tribulation... if you want more of this insane thinking - but... i should say BUT - the pastor was very keen to explain that we were in the 'last days' - and proof was given from the bible, we are in a period of Wars, disasters, genocide, disease... unheard of in history.. proof enough. Well proof of the effects of mass communication and the internet. Dickens starts his book A Tale of Two Cities by citing the times, as the best and worse.. as always, and I admit to being taken in by Tony's "things can only get better".. (I'm getting there..) so what do we do with the pornographers of hate, and sexual violence, and do I mean the TV evangelists or Industrial Nihilists. Most folk wisely ignore these J.W.s on the doorstep, but I'm so perverse and inhuman as to take these seriously, though not here in detail, simply put, in Theology there is The problem of Evil, but alternatively in Demonology- The problem of Good. Much work is now being undertaken in thinking - err that will never do.e.g. in speculative realism.. which is not afraid of the dark - or the light.