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Format : CD
Edition : 150 copies
Release date : 15 October 2015
Cat# : LH64

Track list:

1 - Intro (2:55) [mp3]
2 - Death Race (5:22) [mp3]
3 - Nekro (8:12)
4 - Roleplay (13:05) [mp3]
5 - Horror Trip (6:29)
6 - Torture Chamber (6:23) [mp3]
7 - Dark Places (6:23) [mp3]

Murder Corporation new album!
Nekro lo-fi murky sounds will not disappoint fans of Murder Corporation grotesque world.
Nekro ultra depressing soundscapes, creepy silences and overdriven electronics are a masterful example of Italian extreme sonic expression.

Limited edition of 150 numbered copies in jewel case with an 8 pages booklet.
All images carefully selected by Moreno Daldosso.

Euro 9.90 (+ shipping)


Review from

(..) why not start with the all new work released by Murder Corporation, which is the musical project of Moreno Daldosso, who started to play as Murder Corporation in 1992, 'nearly as a joke', after hearing heavy metal, punk, hardcore, EBM and then industrial music, and taking inspiration from Merzbow, Boyd Rice, William Bennett and Kevin Tomkin (and yes, I am not sure about that 'nearly as a joke' either).

Murder Corporation uses tapes, noises, short waves and distorted voices, along a sampler Akai S01 and tone generator. Much of this is of the heavy, minimal variation type of noise, but that's not the case throughout.

Murder Corporation can be stunningly silent, which is a great thing. 'Horror Trip' sounds far away, like a motorway recorded from a great distance, the title track with the clicking of a camera and moaning like some recording of a porno production, but it's set against the monotony of 'Roleplay', which sounds like being trapped in a washing machine for thirteen minutes.

The 'quiet' pieces (i.e. the ones without noise and distortion) are the ones I preferred: it is here were Murder Corporation shows his real talent in creating some truly unsettling music; odd, alien and downright scary music, like an excellent score to a horror movie. That would a career-path for him to follow!