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Edition : 20 copies
Release date : 13 June 2019
Cat# : LH98/TP

Track list:

LP :

A1 - Cockhola (12:54) [mp3]
A2 - Extract 1 (4:21)
A3 - Extract 2 (5:48)
B1 - Extract 3 (1:18) [mp3]
B2 - Extract 4 (5:59)
B3 - Kinetic Environment (11:46)
C1 - Yeah, But That Was Just Dyke Stuff / Great Nude Variation No.2 (17:46) [mp3]
D1 - Musick For Funk Arts No. 1 (22:51)
E1 - Musick For Funk Arts No. 2 (22:09) [mp3]
F1 - Grea Nude Variation No.1 (12:05)
F2 - Extract 5 (3:40) [mp3]

In an interview with Arthur Potter, Akita explained that the album "is an attempt to cut up and mix all of the Merzbow sounds I've done" and that SCUM "is an experiment in changing the context of our own music to create new forms. It's like the disposal of Merzbow into the air."

[By disposal] I mean the ongoing process of production. Nothing is really destroyed or disappears, as recycling is part of production. It's a natural and necessary part of post-capitalism. There should be no illusion of only production, as was the case with early industrialization. Present re-production systems point in the direction of a future hyper-dimension of physics. We no longer use a dialectical approach in our disposal/recycling system, only a forward movement to the reproduction of re-production.
(Masami Akita)

Originally published on LP in 1989 by Masami Akita own label ZSF Produkt.
Re-issued in an expanded version on CD as part of the Merzbow in the year 2000.

White label test pressing edition with numbered insert.
Limited edition of 20 copies.

Euro 89.90 (+ shipping)