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Format : LP
Edition : 200 copies
Release date : 31 October 2021
Cat# : LH132

STATUS: Sold Out

Track list:

A1 Introduction (0:28)
A2 Epitaph For Noboru Ando (19:25) [mp3]
B1 Gewalt Sex (12:12) [mp3]
B2 No! (4:45)
B3 Ending (0:33)

Originally recorded and mixed at ZSF Produkt Studio 1995.
First released in 1996 by the A.I.P.R. label in German in an edition of 200 copies. A very rare record nowadays.

This beautiful re-issue comes in a completely handmade cover. The front cover has a metal mesh attached to it. The cover is spray painted on both sides and is completed with alluminum adhesive tape and stickers.

Remastered at Munemihouse in 2019 by Masami Akita.

Edition of 200 copies.