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Format : LP + 7"
Edition : 267 copies
Release date : 10 October 2013
Cat# : LH47/48

Status : SOLD OUT

Track list:

A - Dissonant Abstraction (19:12) [mp3]
B - Surreal Distortions (17:31) [mp3]

7" A - Merzbow - Fragment B
7" B - M.B. - 28th Flux

First ever collaboration album between the two most important noise artists on the planet!

7" is a noisy split.

Xeroxed cover with numbered insert.
Lp is green/blue/yellow splatter vinyl and 7" is fuchsia.


Review from

(Reviewed together with M.B. / Merzbow - Amniocentesi / Envoise 30 05 82)

Masami Akita and Maurizio Bianchi are without question amongst the pioneers of harsh, abrasive electronic music. Both of their careers began quite prolifically around the same time, and since Bianchi's return in the late 1990s have continued as such, with both producing a massive number of albums each year. These two albums act nicely as reference points on their long careers, with the 10" capturing pieces each submitted for the Mail Music Project compilation, here appearing unedited for the first time, and the LP being a recent collaborative work that stands amongst both artists' best material as of late.

The material on Merzbow Meets M.B. is recent work from both acts as a true collaboration, and the bonus included 7" makes for a nice split release to compare to the 10" as far as the individual artists' work goes. "Dissonant Abstraction" initially is all roaring, cavernous Merzbow noise, but kept restrained and under control. Low register swells and patterns make for an ersatz rhythm, with haunting passages of synthesizer clearly marking Bianchi's contributions. His work here has shades of his more recent new age material, but it works, balancing out the harsher end of Akita’s harsh noise. In some ways it sounds like each artist’s solo work mixed together, and it is rather effective.

The other half, "Surreal Distortions," is overall more in the noise spectrum of things, with muffled, bassy noises and thin analog electronics. There is not the same hints at melody as on the other side, and instead focuses on harsher textures. Bent oscillators and electronic chirps mark this a clearly analog piece, and with the occasional use of phasing and flanging it calls to mind some of CCCC and Astro's best work. Here it feels more like a collaboration between the two, with Akita’s use of chaotic mixing and Bianchi’s use of synthesizer sounds.

The 7" single included with the LP features each artist contributing their own recent solo works as well, and while both are excellent, neither are surprising. Merzbow's "Fragment B" is all scraping metal and bleeping electronics, so in some regards is a throwback to his early 1990s junk noise sound without the overly loud electronics. An occasional rhythm sneaks in here and there, but for the most part it is pure chaos. Bianchi's "28th Flux" has the bleakness of his early works, but a more modern, higher fidelity sheen covering the pained electronics and darkness.
As both artists are ridiculously prolific, and I personally have a fondness for their earliest work in both cases, I tend to only occasionally dabble in either of their new releases. In this case, the recent collaboration work is exactly what I hoped it would be, mixing the best sounds of both artists together splendidly. Coupled with the vintage material on the 10", and it makes for a pair of releases that demonstrates the best facets of these two long respected artists.

Creaig Dunton

From Rockerilla issue 400 Dicember 2013

Merzbow / M.B. - Merzbow Meets M.B.

Due noiser a confronto quali Merzbow e M.B. fanno una società terrorista all'ennesima potenza. Un'operazione a dir poco titanica che consta di due vinili colorati (12" + spllit 7") e un poker di brani in puro stile power electronics, veri attentati alla quiete pubblica che scatenano cluster di rumori plurimi onnidirezionali, uno più schiacciante e deragliante dell'altro. Un plot di raffiche incrociate, di battaglie muro contro muro di rumore bianco e di frequenze iperuraniche che arrivano ben oltre la soglia del limite consentito. Scopo della missione è fare tabula rasa in ogni dove, la disintegrazione del sistema quale unica via possibile per riportare ordine nel caos e attivare il contdown verso l'autodistruzione.

Aldo Chimenti