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M.B. - TRIUMPH OF THE WILL (Special Edition)

Format : CD
Edition : 6 copies
Release date : 15 June 2013
Cat# : LH45

Status : SOLD OUT

The material contained here was previously issued under the moniker Leibstandarte SS MB.
The moniker Leibstandarte SS MB and the nazi speeches that were added to the music were used without Maurizio Bianchi knowledge and without his consent.

Track list:

1 Triumph of the will (18:36) [mp3]
2 To Birkenau (18:48)
3 Ygolonhcet (31:30) [mp3]

Track 1-2 first published on Lp in December 1981 by Come Organisation, UK.
Track 3 unreleased track recorded in 1981.

Each copy is handmade by M.B. himself and also signed. Numbered edition.
Every copy is unique.