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Format : LP
Edition : 206 copies
Release date : 9 February 2013
Cat# : LH39

Status : SOLD OUT

Track list:

A1 Yra (24:34)
B1 Scent (19:45)

Originally released in a private edition of 300 copies in 1982.
This new re-issue is limited to 206 copies and is pressed on 180 gram Menstrual Blood Red vinyl.
The cover is paste-on with a reproduction of an original M.B. artwork from 1981.
It comes with a replica of the hard to find original insert and also an new insert designed by M.B.


Review from Kata 11, Come Org. 1982:

Suicidal album. Death ia a pleasure after a side of this record - it makes Come's "I'm Jack" seem like "Christmas Oratorio". Let MB be your executioner!

Review by Mauro Alfieri, Rockerilla n.21, February 1982:

M.B.'s final report: "Live in Italy" exemplarily resumes the post-concrete and incandescent sonorities which already characterized the hallucinated agglomerations of the beginning in "Bain Total Compilation" and "Fix Planet!". The electronic germs of Whitehouse, Nurse With Wound, Art & Technique, Nocturnal Emissions, Bladder Flask, S.P.K., Monte Cazazza, Schnitzler, etc. intercept the moonlight on an immense photoelectric-cells panel and transform it into energy to be conveyed to M.B. metallized instrumentation: electronics, rhythms, noise & tapes. The pyramidal construction of the two "suites" that give title to the two sides of this alterated work, with its intentionally brutal and grotesque deformations, elaborates an overflowing and apocalyptical collapse, dragging a completely dissolvent conception of the world and of the para-industrial sound. The encephalon is pierced by ultra-phonic noises, without false compromises, and the catastrophe is insidiously outlined against the horizon. M.B. would like to retire into his shell and progress towards an intimately pulsating concentration, but he pantheistically capsizes in a kind of therapeautical mimesis with the universe, desperately seeking the violent and extroverted "sound action", the pole dialectical to what is actually the other side, the anguish and the decay. "Yra" pessimistically excludes the survival. "Scent" opens to the most teared expressionism. The desperate loneliness is nothing but the symbol of a tragical extinction in such mimetic process.
Ps: "COME ORG" recently issued two LPs by M.B. : "Triumph of the Will" and "Weltanschaung", coproduced with Steve Stapleton's "Leibstandarte SS".