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Format : CD-R
Edition : 199 copies
Release date : 03 March 2007
Cat# : LH03

Status: SOLD OUT

Track list:

1 In A Dry And Exhausted Land (5:51) [mp3]
2 During My Lifetime (7:54)
3 My Soul Is Satisfied (7:37) [mp3]
4 During The Night Watches (8:08)
5 In The Shadow Of Your Wings (3:49) [mp3]
6 Into The Lowest Part Of The Earth (3:25)
7 Mouth Stopped Up (9:46)

“What are the psalms? Singing praises to God. What is the psalmody? It is the way how to sing the psalms. And what is the "psalmodiam"? An experimental way how to interpret the psalms. Initially the experimenter examines the psalm minutely, picking up the quintessence of the original emotionality, and then immortalizes the substance of the writing pervading the single notes with incontrovertible jubilant effects that phagocyte the dodecaphonic counterpoint. What is the definitive outcome? A spiritual satisfaction. ”

Handmade limited edition of 199.
Covers and cds are hand stamped and the covers are also hand numbered.
Seven stunning reproductions of original paintings by Swiss painter Claudia Guglielmetti were made available for by the artist herself and adorn both the covers and the inserts. The paintings reproductions are randomly pasted on covers and inserts making every copy different from the other.
A 16 pages A5 booklet explaining the Psalm 63 (in Italian language only) is also available ONLY upon request when purchasing your copy of Psalmodiam. The booklet is free.
Subsequent copies of the booklet can be obtained, again, free of charge by sending us a large envelope and a Euro 0,60 stamp if your delivery address is in Italy. An International Reply Coupon is needed for foreign addresses.


Review from

Bianchi converted to Jehova witness' in the 80s and still sings praise of god. Together with Museo Della Tortura (although the cover just says M.B. + M.D.T.) he made seven tracks, 'psalmodian', which on the cover is explained as an 'experimental way how to interpret the psalms'. All pieces are about psalm 63, which is when King David was alone in the desert and God was still with him. This desolation is captured quite well in the music. Sometimes it seems like a heavily processed choir singing, such as in 'During My Lifetime', but throughout there is a heavy, dark cloud hanging over this music. Dark ambient music for sure, deeply atmospheric, and if I'm not mistaken, there is a fair amount of computer processing going on. M.D.T. is credited here with 'sound source manipulation'. The music didn't bring me much closer to God I must admit, so I can only say something from the perspective of a non-believer: it works well. It's contemplative, dark and experimental. All good things mixed up to make a sincere piece of music.


From Rumore issue 185 - June 2007

M.B.+ M.D.T. - Psalmodiam

Da proviene invece il cd Psalmodiam di M.B.+ M.D.T. ovvero Maurizio Bianchi, con cui scambiavo cassette gia' trent'anni fa, in tandem con Museo Della Tortura per una delle prove migliori della sua altalenante produzione recente: possente e meditativa interpretazione industrial-ambient di un salmo biblico, tra tesi drone herziani e spirituali loop vocali.

Vittore Baroni

From Rockerilla issue 321 May/June 2007

M.B.+ M.D.T. - Psalmodiam

Vote 7/10

Meditation music per M.B. e il suo compagno di ventura M.D.T., autori di questo lavoro di coppia ispirato al Salmo 63 che re Davide scrisse dopo la sua fuga nel deserto di sabbia. Difficile collegare le sonorita' oblique e scure di "Psalmodiam" ad un racconto mitico per quanto drammatico come questo, ma se le si guardano nei loro risvolti simbolici - la solitudine e l'aridita' del deserto che cementa vieppiu' la fede del protagonista nel suo Dio - e' possibile trovare delle consonanze fra le atmosfere arse e umbratili dei 7 brani e l'argomento mistico che li nutre. E' la centralita' dell'essere che si riconosce nel divino anche nel dolore, perche' dietro a questi drones, loops, samples, onde hertz e spirali elettroniche non c'e' solo l'uomo ma il soffio del sublime che silente li guida.

Aldo Chimenti