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M.B. - GIUDIZIO FINALE (Compilation And Unreleased Tracks)

Format : CD
Edition : 207 copies
Release date : 29 May 2013
Cat# : LH43

Status : SOLD OUT

Track list:

Compilation Tracks

1 - M.U.U.N.H. (Extract) (2:09) [mp3]
2 - Menstruum (9:13) [mp3]
3 - Yhwh (5:07)
4 - Giudizio Finale (17:36) [mp3]
5 - 1914 - 1991 (14:11) [mp3]

Unreleased Tracks

6 - HSITEF (6:24) [mp3]
7 - OYPTCEM (6:24)
8 - Morgen Batterie (8:48)

Track 1 taken from the cassette compilation "Sinn & Form" released in 1982 by Datenverarbeitung, Germany
Track 2 taken from the cassette compilation "White Power" released in 1982 by Iphar, England
Track 3 taken from the cassette compilation "Grausame Vorstellung - Pianeti Di Lana" released in 1984 by Technological Feeling, Italy
Tracks 4 & 5 taken from the double cassette compilation "Hate's Our Belief" released in 1983 by Aquilifer Sodality, Italy
Tracks 6 & 7 recorded in 1982. Unreleased.
Track 8 recorded in 1980. Unreleased.

Cover image is a 1982 original M.B. artwork.
Numbered edition in a paste-on digipack.

This compilation was co-ordinated, compiled and re-mastered in 2010 & 2013 by Alessandro Bosello & Alessandro Camardo for


Review from

(...) Someone (not me) should be writing a book on Maurizio Bianchi's music - I'm sure a biography might not be that interesting - a book on all the releases he did, various phases in his career and such like.
These two releases focus on M.B. final phase of his first active musical period, the industrial music era, 1979-1983. In these years Bianchi was active with releasing his own music on cassette and LP, but also a networker, sending out his music to labels around the world, with the purpose to have it released, either as a track on a compilation, but note how many are called 'excerpt', meaning Bianchi send something much longer (maybe with the idea of having his own cassette or LP out).
Thirty-two minutes of music on this 'compilation of compilations' hail from one, albeit very lengthy, compilation 'Hate Is Our Belief'. It could have easily been a LP. Three pieces here are previously unreleased, and four are from compilations I own ("White Power", "Hate Is Our Belief" and "Sinn & Form"), so there is a little recognition going on.
Bianchi's music is strange, certainly in those early days. Hardly composed, de-composed as Bianchi would say, it's an endless stream of synthesizer sounds feeding through a bunch of analogue echo devices. It goes on and one, and it's not recorded with a lot of bright clarity. Yet, I still, after thirty years, am always captivated by this early, first, period of Bianchi.
In 'HSITEF' and 'OYPTCEM', two of the previously unreleased pieces, there is even a sparse rhythm machine at work, ticking time away and do not sound like M.B. at all, which is quite nice. It makes you wonder what would-have-been if M.B. did continue back then, which roads would have been explored.
A great selection of some rare M.B. pieces and hopefully with more to come.