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Format : CD
Edition : 21 copies
Release date : 22 September 2011
Cat# : LH13/SE

Status : SOLD OUT

Track list:

1 [mp3]
2 [mp3]

Originally released as a private cassette in 1980.

When we received Gene-P from the pressing plant we discovered that there were several covers and also 21 discs in excess. We had "/200" printed on the inside of the covers to make the process of hand numbering them easier for us but for this reason we couldn't expand the edition to 221 copies. We kept this 21 copies un numbered in our archive. Once Gene-P sold out we were thinking what to do with this 21 archive copies. To sell them un numbered didn't seem the right thing to do so together with Maurizio Bianchi this special edition was co-ordinated.

Limited edition of 21 copies housed in a digipack with hand pasted cover with different artwork than the "regular" edition.
Each copy is Alphabetized and signed by M.B..


Review from

'Gene P' was released as a cassette in 1980, and among the true Bianchi devotees old = best.
On the first track (both tracks are untitled) Bianchi uses tape-loops of what could vaguely sound like gamelan music, or wind chimes. Its music with not many changes, music that is not loud and actually quite pleasing.
The other side is more experimental. It uses vinyl, scratchy vinyl that is, with the needle jumping all over the place. Its a bit much experiment for the sake of experiment for me here. A most typical work from the years of cassette releases.
Had it not been by Maurizio Bianchi, would it see a re-issue on CD in 2010? Most likely not. That first track? Yes, absolutely.


From Rockerilla issue 356 April / May 2010

M.B. - Gene-P

Vote 7/10

Un elemento distintivo della Menstrual Recordings è l'elegante taglio grafico che correda i propri manufatti. Non fa eccezione l'ultima sfornata di CD quasi tutti appannaggio di Maurizio Bianchi. Il primo della serie è la ristampa di una cassetta privata che il rumorista milanese realizzò nel 1980 secondo lo spirito "DIY" di allora. Requisito questo che emerge ancora dallo stile casalingo di "Gene-P", dal grumoso sapore vintage delle grezze tessiture analogiche. Avrei una teoria circa l'origine del titolo, da tradurre forse come una trascrizione di Genesis P-Orridge per omaggiare il padre della musica postindustriale? La massa cartilaginosa di droni palpitanti che pervade l'opera cementa tale tesi, greve saturazione di apnee catatoniche tesa ad azzardare teoremi di ricerca estrema mai dipanati.

Aldo Chimenti