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Format : CD
Edition : 250 copies
Release date : 5 May 2016
Cat# : LH72

Track list:

1 - Untitled Part 1 (29:39) [mp3]
2 - Untitled Part 2 (29:57) [mp3]

First ever re-issue of this recently discovered private tape from January 1980.
Fetish Tape, as with the other tapes (Atomique,Cold,Voyeur,Industrial), features heavily distorted sounds and records played backwards and/or at the wrong speed! Also on the B side of Fetish Tape we find a track mostly made with radio waves. A very odd and fascinating M.B. experiment!

Limited edition of 250 copies in digipack.
Cover image is an original M.B. artwork from 1980.

Euro 12.90 (+ shipping)