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Format : LP
Edition : 314 copies
Release date : 22 September 2011
Cat# : LH24

Status: SOLD OUT

Track list:

A:Terzo Ciclo (Cianotico) : Carcinosi Oswiecim (1979) - (22:39) [mp3]
B:Quarto Ciclo (Bionico) : Carcinosi Brzezinka (1982) - (22:35) [mp3]

Carcinosi was subtitled : Decomposizione Per Organismi Bionici E Mutazioni Concrete.

Near exact replica of this classic Maurizio Bianchi / M.B. Private LP published in 1983 in an edition of 300 copies.
This is the first official vinyl re-issue and is limited to 314 copies : 57 copies in white vinyl and 257 in clear vinyl.
Included is a numbered insert consisting in new liner notes by Maurizio Bianchi and a replica of an original polaroid photo by M.B. from 1982.

White vinyl copies are sold out. We are now shipping clear vinyl copies.


Review from :

This album delivers similar hauntingly devastating, shocking atmospheres offered in M.B first radical primitive electronic essays. The compositions are much more achieved (molecular noises, microphones, feedback and tape manipulations) and present clearer musical motifs but it remains very cloudy, industrial and chaotic. A sentiment of desolation and death is floating on the album. This is M.B at his most uncompromised moments, exploring neurotic musical techniques to infiltrate the mental structure of the listener, a very dark anti melodic hypnosis.(...)