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Compilation Tracks

Format : LP+1 Sided LP
Edition : 200 copies
Release date : 25 December 2023
Cat# : LH146

Track list:

A1 Return to the glory (5:23)
A2 T4 (5:41) [mp3]
A3 Conflict (2:17)
A4 Bloodyminded (6:03)
B1 Fuck Mastery (3:05)
B2 Block 10 (8:24) [mp3]
B3 Bondage (6:25)
C1 Fistfuck (5:19)
C2 Raum (Ravaging Devil) (5:03) [mp3]
C3 Nybbas (Hell's Pimp) (1:58)
C4 Fiftheenth Key (4:32)

Track A1 taken from Hate's Our Belief (Aquilifier Sodality, IT,1983).
Tracks A2 & A3 taken from Crusade (Broken Flag, UK,1983).
Track A4 taken from Trial by Ordeal (Broken Flag, UK,1984).
Track B1 taken from The Book (Graf Haufen Tapes, DE,1984).
Track B2 taken from Illuminated 666 No. 1 (Illuminated 666, DE,1984).
Track B3 taken from 6 x 10 = 60 Vol. 3 (Korm Plastics, NL,1986).
Track C1 taken from Sexorama (ZSF Produkt, JP,1985).
Tracks C2 & C3 taken from Infera Sinfonia (Bruno Cossano Corporation, IT,1987).
Track C4 taken from 19 Keys 19 Bands (Club Moral, BE,1986).

All tracks were originally relased on compilation cassette during the 80s.
Released here for the first time on LP format.
Nowadays these compilation tapes are collectors items and very hard to find.

Splatter eco vinyl with paste-on labels.
Fold-out cover with paste-on artwork.

Front cover artwork is Glow In The Dark!

Edition of 200 copies.

SPECIAL PRICE PRE ORDER IS Euro 34.90 (+ Shipping)
Pre order ends on 25.12.2023.
Regular price will be Euro 38.90.