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Format : CD
Edition : 26 copies
Release date : 15 December 2011
Cat# : LH27

Status : SOLD OUT

Track list:

1 Dead Colours
2 Yellow Star
3 Rose Triangle
4 Red Triangle
5 Green Triangle
6 Blue Triangle
7 Brown Triangle
8 Black Triangle
9 Purple Triangle
10 Psalm

Dead Colours was originally published as a private Cdr by M.B. in 2003.
The Italian label Silentes re-issued Dead Colours twice:
the first issue on Cd-r format in 2005 and the second issue on Cd in 2008.
The discs of this Special Edition belong to the second edition.
Maurizio Bianchi gave us the discs after he discovered a box of cds with water damaged artwork.
This special editon was planned together with Maurizio Bianchi and it's fully authorized by the author.

Limited edition of 26 copies housed in a digipack with hand pasted cover with new artwork.
Each copy is Alphabetized and signed on the cover and on the disc by M.B..

This Cd is being sold exclusively through