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Format : CD-R
Edition : 109 copies
Release date : 23.11.2012
Cat# : LH36

Status : SOLD OUT

Track list:

1 - One Man Penis [mp3]
2 - One Man Buttocks [mp3] is very proud to announce this CD-R reissue by noise legend Emil Beaulieau.

“Emil Beaulieau: America’s Greatest Living Noise Artist” whose real name is Ron Lessard is a pioneer of noise/experimental music.
He has collaborated with many well-known noise artist such as Merzbow, Richard Ramirez and Nihilist Assault Group.
His theatrical live performances are now noise history.
He is also the creator of one of the most incredible industrial/noise/experimental label of all time: RRRecords.

One Man Penis / One Man Buttocks was originally issued in 1989 as part of the 5 LP boxset "5th Anniversary Boxset Thing" by RRRecords.

This CD-R reissue comes in a digipack with paste-on original artwork, notes and a numbered insert.

Gloriously destroyed sounds! Unmissable!


Review from

It's quite a surprise to see the Emil Beaulieau release.
Partly because it's lifted out of a bigger thing, a 5LP boxset released in 1989, and partly because it's been a while since I last heard music by good ol' Emil.
The name is from a mayor in some US city - in the late 80s, probably not anymore in 2013 - but it's also the name adopted by Ron Lessard - the proprietor of RRRecords for his solo noise music. In 1989 his record store and label existed five years and he celebrated that by releasing a 5LP set of various works he was involved in, like Due Process, RRRadio and an album with Merzbow.
For his Emil Beaulieau record in this package he writes on the sleeve: 'warning - there is no music on this CD - Just noise', just like he did on LP, except not using the word 'CD'. But you can wonder if it's noise, certainly not really by some of today's Harsh Noise Walls. These two recordings - classic LP length of forty minutes - are from private performances which sees Emil Beaulieau play around with record player/turntable abuse. Not in say the Philip Jeck sense of the word - careful isn't the word I'm thinking off.
Maybe it helps that I saw Emil Beaulieau play his concerts a few times and it's great. This is the kind of noise I like. Pure destruction of turntables and vinyl, and due process also a style or two and contact microphones. Not a lot of pure long feedback sounds, but an excellent barrage of concrete noise with a capital 'N'. It's been ages since I played the vinyl, and perhaps a 5CDR set of the complete box set would have been nice(r?), but this is nice young adult memory come alive again.
Let's hope for more Emil Beaulieau re-issues! The world needs the greatest living noise artist.