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Format : LP
Edition : 160 copies
Release date : 24 May 2018
Cat# : LH100

Track list:

A1 - The Will To Die(5:29)
A2 - War = Orgasm (6:44) [mp3]
B1 - Dead Meat Factory (3:58)
B2 - Symphonie M. 1 (5:39)
B3 - Symphonie M. 2 (5:13)

Fourth Injection was recorded by Marco Corbelli at Sweet Slaughter.
The master tape was given to Moreno Daldosso / Murder Corporation to be published on his label Murder Release.
The release was planned but, for now forgotten reasons, it never eventually materialized.
The master tape of Fourth Injection was then closed in a drawer and was left there for 17 years.
It was rediscovered only in 2013.

First ever release.
It comes in a hand cut/mutilated cover.
Includes a double sided numbered insert with release notes on one side and a medical/disease picture on the other.
The medical/disease pictures show graphic contents. Aquire with due caution!

Remastered from original tape.
Limited edition of 160 copies.

This is an exclusive Murder Release / menstrualrecordings product.

Euro 15.90 (+ shipping)